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Swimsuit One Piece Model 141177 Marko

Swimsuit One Piece Model 141177 Marko

SKU: 141177
One-piece, patterned swimsuit, which will allow you to subtly mask a tummy or minor body flaws, giving full comfort, ideal for the beach.
- One-piece swimsuit highlighted by a beautiful, exotic styling.
- Rich pattern diverts attention from other elements of the body, allows you to optically conceal some elements of the figure, such as a slightly larger belly.
- Padded cups, profiled on the inside of the swimsuit.
- Construction allows you to collect the breasts and keep them in place.
- Under bust tape sewn in for a better fit costume and isolate the bust area.
- Model on the lining, without push-up.
- Model without underwire.
- Subtle neckline.
- Back with neckline decorated with straps that effectively cross each other.
- Strapless bra straps without adjustable length.
- At the point where straps connect to the neckline, decorative buckles with brand logo (in silver colour).
- High quality Italian fabric.
- Patterned front and smooth back.
- Model available up to size 4XL.
    48,25$ Prezzo regolare
    43,43$Prezzo scontato
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