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Memorial Dayu: Past, Present and Future

Thank God for all of those brave men and women who have gone before us fighting and dying for freedom. We live in a country that has forgotten the bravery and commitment needed to sustain our country. We were founded on the basic religious freedom principals that turned into basic political freedoms but, "Where and how did it all begin?" Yes, it seems racists. unethical, unequitable and you name "Woke gen", but if our forefathers didn't have the desires to be their own religious entity of God-Fearing Bible Reading, Commandment Followers, we would not be the great nation we are today. Today, on Memorial Day, please remember to reflect and give thanks to our Father in Heaven for sending brave warriors to protect and defend us. Memorialize and remember them and all who have allowed us one more day of freedom from communism, socialism and inequitable practices.

God Bless America, land of the Free.

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