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The New New Year’s Resolution

What is your New Year's Redolution? I resolve to create a New New Year's Resolution for 2023.

. To resolve to not to have a your run of the mill new year's resolution but a "work in progress" resolution.

If we consider ourself as a piece of work ready to be sculpted or a work in progress, not yet completely finished, would be more appropo.

Our resolution should be like water filling in the empty holes on a mat or syrup filling the empty holes on a waffle. It shouldn't be a mandate of added obligations or a checklist of things to do piled onto our already overloaded shoulders.

The New New Year's Resolution should be attainable and yet, not too difficult to move toward reaching in our daily life. One should be reminded, if it's easy to move toward attaining. then it will be accomplished.. Once accomplished , then make another New New Year's Resolution and you'll soon feel like a Super Hero by the year's end!

Here's to a New New Year's Resolution strategy for 2023! Guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself and your success in 2023! !🥳🎉

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